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Chipping Do's and Don'ts

  • Do create defensible space up to 100 feet from structures and 10 feet from the sides of access roads.
  • Do stack brush into piles less than 5 feet high on uphill side of a maintained road or driveway.
  • Do cut the brush into pieces less than 8 feet long.
  • Do cut off large side branches to keep individual pieces less than 4 feet wide.
  • Do pile brush with all butt ends facing toward the road.
  • Do encourage and/or help your neighbors to get involved.
  • Do not include stems more than 6 inches in diameter.
  • Do not include severely burned, charred and blackened wood or manzanita branches.. These will damage the chipper. Burn them in season (December 1 to April 30), or have them hauled away privately.
  • Do not include roots, rocks, stumps, mud, loose leaves or pine needles, yard clippings or non-vegetative material (lumber, trash, metal, wire). These will severely damage the chipper and endanger the operators.
  • Absolutely do not include Poison Oak, Blackberry Cuttings, or French Broom with seeds. These are dangerous to human and environmental health!