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Your Time

There would be no Bonny Doon Fire Safe Council without community volunteers. There are many levels at which you can help us out. 

Serve on the Board

With no staff, the organizational tasks are carried out by the community members on our board. We meet monthly for 60 - 90 minutes, beyond that, how much time you put in is up to you. Of course, there is a direct correlation between how active our board is and how much the Council can do. The staggered terms are two years. Roughly half the board is elected each year at our November Annual Meeting, from candidates nominated in October. In extraordinary circumstances the board may temporarily appoint new members during the year to serve until the next November.

Currently we are also seeking people for the following efforts.

Flagging our Warrenella Shaded Fuel Break

We are seeking people to volunteer to help us begin our two year project to build 9.5 miles of fuel break along the Warrenella road bisecting the San Vicente Redwoods between Empire Grade and the coastal prairie above Davenport.

As I’ve walked nearly half the length of the project over the past several months, I’ve always come back exhilarated by the beauty and peace of the area. Until the public access plan, still under review, is implemented, perhaps in 2016, flagging with us is a rare opportunity to experience the San Vicente Redwoods up close.

Monitoring Ben Lomond Camp hand crews

The reason that we have been able to stretch our few grant dollars so far is by leveraging our partnership with CAL FIRE to use Ben Lomond Camp Crews wherever possible and preserving hard dollars for hiring private contractors to work in areas where the crews are not appropriate. In order to take advantage of the crew days available from CAL FIRE as in kind matching, we need one or occasionally two sponsors per day to lend an extra pair of eyes from 9am to 4pm to the CAL FIRE captains supervising the crews.

Please help us out by becoming a sponsor and donating a day or two sponsoring work on our projects. The crews are expert woodsmen and I always learn some useful techniques watching them work.


To work on the Warrenella Shaded Fuel Break, the Peninsula Open Spaces Trust [POST], the senior landowner of the San Vicente Redwoods conservation lands requires that we have on file a signed release of liability and hold harmless agreement.

For flagging, experience/interest in birding, native plants, wetland biology, or wildland fire are helpful, but there are no requirement beyond interest, time, and the stamina to work for half a day at the time making your way through the woods.

For monitoring crews, the CDCR requires that you undergo a one time four hour training about the mechanics and legal requirements of working with minimum security inmates. 

Once you have completed the training (see below), every calendar year you must attest in writing that you have completed the training and reviewed the 14 relevant laws. For the purposes of these forms, your agency is Bonny Doon Fire Safe Council, and you should review the Sponsor Checklist and CDCR's 10 Commandments (down from 17 in 2012).


For flagging, we will train you in the field the first time you go out to walk a straight line in the woods and to recognize the few rare and endangered flora and fauna that we are required to protect.

The camp occasionally offers classes on the mechanics and legal requirements of working with minimum security inmates, and we will announce them here when they do. If there is sufficient interest from an organization, the camp will sometimes offer classes beyond the semi-regular planned trainings.

To Volunteer, please email us at: