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"Ever wonder how insurance companies decide your house is too risky to insure for wildfire?", asks Kathy Astromoff

posted Mar 22, 2021, 8:37 AM by Joe Christy
"Everyone wonders! That’s because insurance companies use secret scoring systems. Consumers can’t even find out our own score, even though it is the main factor in an underwriting decision. 

That used to be true for credit scores also, but after agitation and lawsuits by consumer groups, we can now see our credit scores for free once a year, which helps us make decisions about how to improve our credit.

Now the CA insurance commissioner is exploring making wildfire insurability scores public, so we can not only know our own scores, but also understand what it would take to improve them. This is great news! 

But, insurance companies are very powerful in CA, and they are already fighting this idea. That’s where we come in. We need to show up and tell the Commissioner why this is good for both consumers and insurers. Consumers get the info we need to prioritize fire hardening projects, while insurers reduce their underwriting risk - which makes our houses more insurable. Wins all around. 

There is a meeting for public comment on March 30 at 1PM Pacific. Please make your voice heard! Register in advance at this link:"