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From the April 2011 Battle Mountain News

posted Jul 3, 2014, 1:08 PM by Joe Christy

Take Your Cookies When They're Passed !

Last Chance for Participation in CFIP Funded Ponderosa Pine Project

With much help from Jill Butler of CalFire, we are putting together a proposal to the California Forest Improvement Program to fund a pilot project addressing the Western Pine Beetle infestation of our local Ponderosa Pines, due April 1. While we anticipate follow on projects with CFIP next year, the funding is contingent on the fraught State budget debate. To participate this year, please contact board members Nadia Hamey 431-0288, or Val Haley 425-0687.

Branches Falling as Burn Season is Coming to a Close

As I look outside my window at the rain blowing by horizontally, I csan see just how terribly much debris has blown out of our trees. This year's backyard burn season comes to a close April 30. Dry weather is rumored to be returning as March turns to April, so we have a last chance to collect and dispose of dead wood debris before it becomes fuel this summer.