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From the August 2013 Battle Mountain News

posted Jul 6, 2014, 4:46 PM by Joe Christy

Fuel Break Tours, Saturday August 17, 2-5pm!

Please join us for the anniversary of the Lockheed Fire, when the Fire Safe Council will be hosting our Summer Event in the Cotoni Redwoods. There will be two short guided walking tours of the older Warrenella shaded fuel break, where the Lockheed Fire was stopped, and of the fuel break built this year along upper Empire Grade. On the Warrenella, firefighters will talk about fighting fire from a shaded fuel break, then along Empire Grade, the Fire Safe Council will what goes into planning and implementing a shaded fuel break.

Meet a Gate 1, southwest of Empire Grade 2/3 of a mile past Alba Road on the left. There will be parking inside the gate along the road . Please be aware that while we will avoid the old-growth and pure stands of poison oak, virtually impossible to avoid poison oak if you leave the trail. Therefore the dress code is long pants and closed toed-shoes, hats are optional. We will have refreshments, but extra water will make the tours much more pleasant if it is hot.

Evacuation Eschatology

Eschatology that is, not in the theological sense, but in the sense of the last things to attend to when evacuated. You've long since made your home and property fire safe. You have your family, pets, papers, medicines, and irreplaceable memorabilia gathered. You know where you will be going and have established contact with someone out of the area to help coordinate with friends and family who are concerned about you.

Just before you depart, make sure your house is as well prepared as possible. If you have a generator for your water system pump, connect them. Lay out hoses from your outside hose bibs. Put a ladder up to your roof on the outside of your house opposite from where the fire is approaching. Shut all your windows and skylights. All but the very most insulating and fire proof curtains which can close to protect against the radiant heat should be pulled open. Pull your furniture away from windows in particular and outside walls in general. Turn off your gas outside your house and make a note to have a gas company representative turn it back on upon your return.

Last of all, leave your doors unlocked. It will save firefighters critical seconds if your house ignites and they enter to save it; after police direct the evacuation, they will be patrolling for looters between the evacuation perimeter and the fire front for the duration.

One Less Spark – One Less Wildfire

As we're fond of reminding you, 95% of wildland fires in California are started by people, usually on account of ignorance, incompetence, or simple stupidity. Arson is blessedly rare. To address ignorance and incompetence, the California Wildfire Coordinating Committee has developed and is implementing a new One Less Spark—One Less Wildfire campaign. Check it out online at! Lastly, to avert simple stupidity, simply be aware of your surroundings and pay attention.