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From the March 2013 Battle Mountain News

posted Jul 6, 2014, 4:09 PM by Joe Christy

A Message About Backyard Burns From

the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District

Late last month, we got a call from David Frisbey from the MBUAPCD about question Dooners have about backyard burns. He asked that we help get the word out that:

  • Permits, available on line or by phone, are required for all burns


N.B. Virtually all of Bonny Doon is in burn zone #33 - “North Central Coast - NW Inland below 3000 ft”, except the outer reaches of Smith Grade near Back Rnach & Moore Ranch Roads, and Alba Road, which are in burn zone #31 - “North Central Coast - NW Coastal below 3000 ft”.

  • A daily authorization, available on line or by phone, is required for all burns

. The authorization is essentially automatic and allows MBUAPCD to dispense with investigating complaints about authorized burns.

  • Burn piles must be at least 100 feet from any residential or commercial structures on adjacent (not your own) properties


  • Burns must be extinguished (cold to the touch) by 4 pm


Additionally, ONLY if you live on Alba Road and so are in the San Lorenzo Valley Smoke Sensitive Area:

  • Burning is limited to parcels 1 acre or greater.

  • The number of burns is limited to 4 per day per fire district.

For smoke management permits and further information on backyard burn requirements contact the Air District at or (831) 647-9411

... and We Have Something To Add, As Well

We've had only 1½ inches of rain in January and ½ inch in February; relative humdities have been in the 20% - 30% range. Consequently fuel moisture is very often less than 10%. March is typically a windy month here. This winter has every aspect of the fire weather that we see in late summer except temperature.

Please be very careful with your backyard burns. Ring your burn piles by scraping down to mineral earth around the perimeter. Have a hose and shovel at the burn and never leave it unattended.

When the Fire Safe Council was doing prescribed burns early last month we routinely had spot fires up to 10' from the burn piles, keeping the 10 - 15 trained firefighters we had constantly on their toes.

Training to Monitor Crews Working in Bonny Doon

There will be four more half-day trainings this spring at Ben Lomond Camp for volunteers to monitor crews working on Fire Safe projects in the Doon: 3/7 & 27, and 4/10 & 11. Please consider donating a bit of your time so we can get 12-15 person days of labor for $200.