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From the November 2010 Battle Mountain News

posted Jul 1, 2014, 1:22 PM by Joe Christy

First Annual Meeting

7 - 9 PM,Wednesday Evening, November 3,

Bonny Doon School multipurpose room

1492 Pine Flat Road

Looking Back

This is your chance to look back on this year and forward to next. We will bring the community up to date on our contribution to the San Mateo/Santa Cruz County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the neighborhood projects we have sponsored and assisted, the grants we have applied for, our spring workshop, and our Council's by-laws and structure.

Underwriting Wildfire

We are lucky to have Aleene Althouse give a presentation on wildfire preparedness and wildfire risk from an Insurance Industry perspective. Bonny Doon is slated for an update this coming year from the independent Insurance Services Office (ISO) of our community's Public Protection Classification, a rating which is the foundation for setting fire insurance rates and Ms Althouse will fill us in on how it works.

Looking Forward

After the presentation we will talk about what we, as a community, can do this winter to prepare for next year's fire season, about the 2011 grant cycle, and about setting our community's wildfire protection priorities and carrying them out.

Please come with your questions and concerns!