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From the September 2010 Battle Mountain News

posted Jul 1, 2014, 1:17 PM by Joe Christy
 Ready, Set, Go! 
Over the last two months we've talked about fire weather and how wet years can lead to fall fires. The first hot, windy days came  in late August. What should you do now to be prepared for a wildland fire in the months ahead? This year CAL FIRE has a new public education slogan – Ready, Set, Go!
First of all, get ready. By now you have established defensible space around your home, cleaned off your roof and gutters, but do you have a family emergency evacuation plan? Now is the time to formalize the lessons we've all learned over the past two years. Make a list of the things you most want to save: medications, insurance policies, family photos, pets, computer backups; we each have our own priorities. Share your list with your neighbors, in case you're away when disaster strikes. Have your water tanks full and your hoses and ladders ready. Learn at least two evacuation routes to a preselected place away from wildlands. Choose a contact out of the area for your family to communicate through, by text message, if necessary, when you are evacuated and local phone service is congested or out. Don't forget about your horses and farm animals.
Second, when a fire does break out,  get set to evacuate when the evacuation order comes. Assemble the items on your list. Be sure your vehicles are parked pointing out the driveway. Lay out hoses and put ladders up against your house.  Shut your windows and turn off the gas. Have a radio with fresh batteries and your cellphones charged. Have your pet carriers and animal trailers ready.
Third, when the evacuation order comes, go! When firefighters arrive, it is critical that roads be clear so they can get to the fire lines to do their job. Many of the people who died in the Oakland Firestorm were in their cars trying to escape via narrow, twisty roads. 
For more information, see:, for large animals.

Electing a New FSC Board at out November Annual Meeting
The Bonny Doon Fire Safe Council's year begins in November, with the arrival of the rains and firescaping season. At our November annual meeting, we will elect a new board to coordinate new wildfire preparedness projects and participate in the annual California FSC grant cycle in the winter. Our nominating committee is putting together a slate to be announced in October, and in September we are accepting nominations from  the community.
In order to serve on the FSC Board, you must live or work in the area, and have either participated in a Council Project or contributed at least $20 in the prior year. To nominate someone, please email us  at: or write us at 150 McGivern Way, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, before October 10, 2010. Nominations from the community must be seconded in the same period to the same addresses. In order to become a candidate, you must accept the nomination. Candidates will be announced in mid-October. For more information,  email us or contact Lonny Schwartz at 426-6882.