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Un-flagging Volunteers Needed - I

posted Jan 29, 2016, 1:45 PM by Joe Christy
Early last month, the Ben Lomond Camp [BLC] crews finished the ground work on our 7.5 mile Warrenella Shaded Fuel Break through the San Vicente Redwoods property. That means we are almost, but not quite done, and that’s why we need un-flagging volunteers to help remove the just over 1 mile(!) of boundary, retention, and hazard flagging tape from the project footprint.
The Roman orator Cicero averred that “virtue is its own reward” and that is certainly the case when it involves hiking through the park-like expanse of the fuel break, much of which will never be opened to the public. Nonetheless, we have an additional reward for the volunteer who removes the most flagging: a locally made and globally useful Chair-Pak, “a full size backpack featuring 4 zipper pockets, padded shoulder straps, water bottle holders and a removable soft cooler (for easy cleaning), combined with a comfortably padded seat which is adjustable to any height, and compact profile for maximum portability”. If you are interested, please contact us.