Chipping Program Begins

Post date: Oct 30, 2017 1:10:01 AM

After several false starts and much tuning of the program parameters, our 2017 chipping program has finally begun as write this. The response has been enthusiastic beyond our most optimistic expectations - nearly 75 households have signed up and been qualified. We’ve started in Pineridge and our plan, in the broadest strokes, is to proceed north up Empire Grade, visiting adjacent neighborhoods on the way, then return south and then southwest down Pine Flat. Despite equipment failures, we have spent nearly 4 full days chipping with another 4 days to come. Please note that applications for this year are emphatically closed, and if you’ve been accepted but haven’t yet been visited please resist the temptation to add to your pile(s). We estimate that our funding will allow us to complete all chipping, barely, and you should recall that the agreement that you signed does not guarantee that we will chip your pile(s) if we do run out of funding before we can finish.

As I was checking piles before we began, two sobering facts were driven home.