From the July 2010 Battle Mountain News

Post date: Jul 1, 2014 8:13:15 PM

Fire Weather

With the solstice past, summer has begun and fire season is upon us. Unlike the past two extraordinarily hot, dry, and incendiary summers, this year we're off to a cool and damp start. The high pressure ridges, so called because they direct the high altitude winds up northward, have yet to settle over the Central Valley and Great Basin, and we're still seeing the occasional dose of Alaskan moisture adding to the marine layer borne onto our mountain by vigorous offshore breezes.

The distinguishing aspect of fire weather here is the spooky northeast wind, driven by a high pressure ridge carrying hot dry air from the Santa Clara Valley, or from beyond the Diablo Range, or even from beyond the Sierra as it did a three years ago carrying smoke from that years' fires in Plumas County. When you wake up in the morning to a hot wind and see the trees bending toward the ocean, that's a day to be especially aware of sparking potential of what you do outside, of where you park off pavement, and of the smell of smoke.

Community Wildfire Protection

Our Bonny Doon Fire Safe Council's mission is to “to educate and mobilize the people of the Ben Lomond Mountain to protect their community, homes, and environment from wildfire”. The best defense we have is our neighbors. Our neighbors are the ones who are there even before emergency workers arrive. We are all in this together and working together is the surest way to guarantee our safety as we prepare to face forces far bigger than ourselves. If you and your neighbors would like help organizing to make your neighborhood Fire Safe, or you'd like more information on the neighborhood chipper programs, please contact us at: or call Joe Christy at 423-7151.