How Can We Help Your Neighborhood?

Post date: Jan 30, 2017 8:12:37 PM

This winter and spring we're reaching out specifically to neighborhoods in Bonny Doon about improving our readiness for the next wildfire here on the mountain. Among the areas where we can help your neighborhood:

1. Evacuation planning: the six P’s - what to be ready to take with you, identifying neighbors who might need assistance in an evacuation, alternate routes, communication, etc.

2. Addressing clearance issues that emergency vehicles face accessing properties in your neighborhood.

3. Organizing work days to secure common roads and provide defensible space around individual homes. This could include chipping, for a nominal donation, of slash deposited at designated places along common roads.

4. Improving signage: house numbers, water sources, turn-arounds, and pull-offs on one lane roads.

5. Discussing what projects you and your neighbors think would help to improve wildfire preparation in your own neighborhood.

Please contact us as at left if the Fire Safe Council might be of help with these or any other wildfire-related issues in your neighborhood.