Progressing Down the Warrenella SFB

Post date: Feb 23, 2015 8:50:33 PM

    Tomorrow we should reach 3 miles down the Warrenella Shaded Fuel Break, generously funded by the USDA Forest Service under grant 14USFS-SFA-0052. You can track our progress on a map, updated after every work day.

    As with everything in life that milestone ignores some complexities: there are areas that will be masticated that we have skipped over, and other areas where we have cut and built burn piles, but will have to return to burn the piles. In fact, because the fire science literature is ambiguous on which fuel treatments are the most effective in our particular ecosystem, we have divided the project into 65 areas where will use four different treatment types. Then there are areas of environmental sensitivity, such as watercourses and protected habitats, and archeological importance, both historic and pre-historic, that we will be avoiding with any treatment. These are all mapped out in the treatment plan, with a particularly rich set of annotations.

    Both maps are framed on our Maps page, along with other downloadable maps from our history.