September and October Are Peak Fire Season

Post date: Aug 29, 2017 11:11:40 PM

Though historically Santa Cruz County has suffered wildland fires in every month of the year, the danger peaks as the dry season draws to a close over the next two months. Fuel moisture reaches its annual low point and last year’s rains have left us with an unusual amount of fast, flashy fuels. Moreover, virtually all wildland fires here are caused by humans so our care is the critical factor.

For our entire community’s sake, please be especially careful this year. Whether your neighborhood decides to take part in our chipping program or you and your neighbors are simply independently working on your own properties, or even if you are simply barbequing outside, be extra sensitive to sparks and how hot/dry/windy it is at the time. If you must use powered metal tools, do so in the cool of the day, before 10am, and have a ready source of water at hand. Many weed whackers can now be fitted with heavy duty string or nylon bladed cutting heads which are vastly less likely to cause sparks.